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$25 – is what it takes to diagnose and treat a family of 5 for malaria. This preventable and yet lethal disease is the #1 killer of children in Uganda and the #1 most common diagnosis seen at NUMEM clinic.

$50 - covers the complete cost of all medications used in 1 day at the NUMEM Health Center. The NUMEM Health Center cares for between 25 to 30 patients each and every day. 

$100 – covers the cost for a new metallic bed frame, a mattress, and an IV drip stand at the NUMEM Health Center in Pader, Uganda. These comprise some of the basic equipment to take care of 1 patient. Currently, the clinic has 12 inpatient beds, but this number is inadequate and it is often the case that children are found receiving treatment while they sleep on blankets on the floor. 

$250 - is what it takes to cover the salary for 1 clinical officer for 1 month. The clinical officer is responsible for diagnosing, prescribing treatment, and managing a patient's illness, both in the outpatient and inpatient settings. 

Take the plunge and consider a monthly ongoing donation!

To donate by check or, if so greatly desired, to a specific cause, please include a note with your check and mail to: 

ASTEROIDEA HEALTH ALLIANCE, INC., 1945 Castlewood Road, Highland Park, Illinois 60035

100% (including nominal amount for exchange/transfer fees) of your donation goes to supporting our partners in central and east Africa. Thank you for your support!

NB: We know many individuals prefer to donate towards a particular cause or activity. However, this can sometimes prevent us from addressing the needs that our partners prioritize. We are infinitely grateful for your donation. You can be assured that your donations will be used in the best, most conscientious way we know how to meet the ever-changing needs of our partners .


(Acholi for "Thank you very much")