Patrick was born in the Akonyibedo village in county of Aswa in Gulu. Patrick, like Denish, graduated Gulu School of Clinical Medicine in 2012 with a diploma in clinical medicine. Together with Denish and four other clinicians, Patrick then founded the Northern Uganda Medical Mission (NUMEM) Clinic in Pader, northern Uganda. He served as the Chief Clinician at NUMEM Healthcare Centre for the first three years of its existence, and continues on with NUMEM on their board of directors.

Patrick left Pader district to return to medical school so as to become a licensed physician with a specialty in orthopedic surgery. Patrick recalls having to learn the skill of disarming a landmine as a small boy growing up in the midst of the civil war that devastated northern Uganda for over two decades. Patrick saw, firsthand, the horrible injuries that mines and other means of destruction can cause to the human body, and these experiences contribute to his desire to pursue a career in orthopedic surgery.

At present, there is no orthopedic surgeon in all of northern Uganda, which requires people to make a journey that will constitute days away from home, if they are in need of such a specialist. Most of the time, this sort of lengthy journey is simply not a possibility for those in need of such services, for financial and logistical reasons.

Patrick’s aim is to become the first orthopedic surgeon in the region, and it is to this end that he is currently attending Kampala International University and is also enrolled in their medical degree program.